1. Thermostat is placed in direct sunlight. This can cause your house to be very cold in the winter time and too cold in the summer.
  2. Thermostat is too close to heating or cooling vents. This will cause the thermostat to be satisfied very early in the heating cycle and will prohibit the furnace not going through full cycle to heat your home and visa versa on the cooling side.
  3. Thermostat is not in central location. For optimum comfort, it is recommended that your thermostat is placed in central location such as a hallway. This will allow for the most even temperature distribution.
  4. Thermostat is dirty. Over time dust can accumulate inside your thermostat. A build up of dust and debris can cause your T-stat to give inaccurate temperature readings. Sometimes you can pull cover off and brush some of the dirt and debris away.
  5. Thermostat is old, inaccurate or broken. Some thermostats can last for years but besides looking ancient on the wall they can be very inaccurate. In todays high tech world they make thermostats very sleek looking that are very accurate. Or you can buy a programmable thermostat that can save you up to 25% a year. Especially with both husband and wife working it can set it back M-F during the day and at night then on weekend it would run normally. These are not very expensive and would be a wise purchase with a very quick payback.

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