The Multiple HVAC Plan

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Humidifier Treatment

Electronic Air Cleaning

Spacegard #2200 or #2400 Air Cleaner

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For multi-unit system homes.


I.) SCHEDULED REMINDERS– You will receive either an e-mail or phone call to schedule your fall or spring checkup.

2.) PRIORITY SERVICE– If you are in need of a quick repair either in the heat of the summer or the cold winter months you will get priority service with our company.

3.) DOCUMENTATION OF MAINTENANCE– It is very important to have documentation of each time you have maintenance of your systems. This will allow you to have valid warranties on your HVAC equipment and proof to new buyer when you are selling your home.

4.) PROLONGED LIFE OF YOUR UNITS-If you take care of your units by taking advantage of maintenance agreement you can extend life of both your furnace and air conditioning agreement.

5.) DISCOUNTED PRICES-Although Maintenance Agreements cost a yearly fee you will save 20% on all Parts if the system would break down.

6.) PEACE OF MIND– All the documentation of service and of equipment installed is documented with date of service and service performed. Equipment is logged in with manufacturer with model & serial numbers on install.

7.) GUARANTEE– that if your equipment does breakdown that there will be no problem with manufacturer to get part In Warranty because Normal Maintenance was performed on your home.

8.) REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILLS– With normal maintenance of HVAC equipment by cleaning filter, cleaning coils, checking refrigerant charge, temperature drop etc. your equipment will run at Top Efficiency to SAVE YOU MONEY!

9.) IMPROVE COMFORT CONDITIONS– Equipment running at top Efficiency will make your home more comfortable both in summer and winter.

10 .) TRANSFERABILITY– If you are selling your home, you know that this Agreement can transfer to new owner which will aid you in selling your home. The Potential Buyer will know that you have taken care of one of the most expensive items in your home.


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