Cincinnati Furnace and Heating Services

No one can deny the pleasure of having an efficient, reliable heating system when the temperature begins to drop, but it’s often easy to overlook the year-round maintenance that is required in order to have that warm air when you need it. Proper maintenance is critical, not only for superior comfort, but for lower energy bills, safer levels of carbon monoxide, and a better lifespan for your heating system.

For three generations, businesses and homeowners have chosen American Heating & Air Conditioning as their number one choice for heating system replacement, furnace repair, and heating system maintenance in Cincinnati. We specialize in high-efficiency furnaces and hybrid heat dual fuel systems. Put our experienced, knowledgeable team of technicians to work for you!

Furnace Replacement and Heating System Installation

Whether your furnace went out, is no longer performing the way you need it to, or you’re ready to convert to a geothermal system, we have the resources necessary to see your project through. We can make furnace recommendations, purchase a new heating system for you, and perform furnace installations. Alternatively, you can purchase the furnace and we’ll be happy to install it for you – whichever you prefer! From start to finish, we can make your project a success and ensure you have a heated home during the coldest times of the year.

Furnace Repair

It’s the middle of winter in Cincinnati – one of the coldest days thus far – and all of the sudden the heat stops working!

We have all either had this experience or know someone who has dealt with it. After three generations of serving our local tri-state area, we know how important having a functioning furnace is during the winter. That’s why we’re committed to responsive, quick, and effective furnace repair. If this happens to you, call (513) 271-COOL or send us an e-mail.

Heating and Furnace Inspection and Maintenance

We provide inspection and maintenance plans so you can be sure that your systems are ready for the season and will function properly throughout it. Choose from one of these plans:

  • American Plan: Provides inspection for 1 air conditioner or cooling system and 1 furnace or heating system. On top of a discount on repairs, you’ll also receive priority service!
  • Multiple Plan: Have a multi-unit system in your home? This plan is the right fit for you!

We’re at Your Service

A quality heating system is one you can rely on when it’s needed, and one you don’t have to worry about when it isn’t.  It’s your key to remaining comfortable, safe, and stress-free. What do these things mean to you? Contact us at American Heating & Air Condition to discuss your heating system replacement, repair, and maintenance problems.

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