Ductless Mini Split Installations for Cincinnati

The installation of Ductless Mini Split Systems has been exponential over the past 15 years. In the past, these systems were predominantly found in Europe and Asia but have really taken off in the United States because of the inverter technology’s High Efficiency (up to over 30 SEER) and the increased Heating Capacity on the Heat Pump Systems. Mini Splits can effectively heat a home to 70 degrees when the outside temperature is zero.

We have installed Ductless Mini Split Systems to heat and cool entire homes, guest homes, garages, pool houses, apartments, individual rooms, and more over the years. Many people are using mini-split systems instead of traditional HVAC and window units.

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Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits


Ductless Mini Splits give homeowners the ability to regulate temperatures on a room by room basis by controlling which units you want on and off. Do you have a room in your house that always feels too hot or too cold? Installing a ductless mini split could be the perfect solution for you. Unlike traditional HVAC units, mini-splits are a great solution for poorly insulated rooms that tend to be warmer or colder than the rest of the house.

Energy and Cost Efficient

Mini splits offer the added benefit of being able to turn individual units on and off, giving you complete control over which rooms are using energy. With a traditional HVAC system, it is difficult to control how and where the energy is being used. You can save on your energy bill by only using mini-splits in necessary areas of your home.

No Air Ducts Required

As you can probably guess, ductless mini-splits do not use air ducts. There are energy losses up to 30% when using traditional HVAC units due to the fact that the warm/cool air has to travel through ducts before reaching a rooms air register. This is especially a concern for poorly insulated homes. Mini splits can also be a great investment for older homes that do not have ducts already installed. Instead of installing air ducts throughout your entire house or installing window units, consider using mini-splits.

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