History of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of many modern conveniences that makes our day to day lives easier. With the turn of a dial, we can keep our homes cool and comfortable through even the worst heat waves—without costing an arm and a leg. But even with the near ubiquity of air...

7 Myths About Energy Costs

7 Myths About Energy Costs We’ve all heard clever ways to cut energy costs from Mom, viagra Dad, or Aunt Edna—but which are true and which are old wives’ tales? Read on for some common myths about slashing energy costs.   Your computer’s screen saver helps to...

How to Audit Your Energy Bill

How to Audit Your Energy Bill Chances are you’re never all that excited to receive your energy bill, unhealthy so it stands to reason that you may not spend a whole lot of time poring over it. While it may not be the most interesting document in the world, it’s worth...

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