With the recent power outages from the electrical grid in Texas and the new administration emphasis on Climate Change and Renewable Energy Resources could this be a sign of things to come in the Energy industry in the United States?

The unprecedented cold temperatures with ice and snow in Texas last week caused the wind turbines to freeze up and 4 million Texans were without power. Besides millions of Texans without heat in these frigid temperatures, thousands of homes are dealing with frozen plumbing pipes.

Texas is independent from the rest of the US in having their own electric grid which is called ERCOT (Electric Reliability Company of Texas). This grid which has Wind Energy supply 28% of Energy to Texas was anything but reliable. The state has been warned with Governor Abbott over the last 10 years that this couple happen with extremely cold temperatures that the wind turbines would not be able to handles this. So  with this Climate Change the renewable energy was not able to provide power to millions of Texans.

So coupled with the Biden new Energy Policy “The Green New Deal” will this really be an effective way to provide power to millions of Americans. It is ironic that this happened in Texas which is the epicenter of oil and gas reserves in the United States and the World. With the aggressive steps to have a Zero Carbon Footprint in the United States by 2035.

Natural gas has been the fuel that has heated most of our homes over the years of which we have an abundance of reserves in the United States. Will the Green New Deal force these prices up where it will no longer be affordable? Since the administration stopped the Keystone Pipeline and has ceased new permits for Fracking on Federal Lands will natural gas prices rise exponentially.

It looks like this debacle will be a prime example of what can happen in the future with our Green Energy and Reliability not only in Texas but the whole country as well.

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