Our Team

Curt Curt– Sales / ServiceHe has worked at American since 1983 as helper and service tech.  He can quote on any new construction or replacement job.  He is familiar with our entire customer base as well as Carrier, and Climatmaster HVAC  equipment.  He is active in the Villa Hills Civic Club and St. Joseph’s Parish. Will assist in customer service. Lives with his wife, Ronnie in Villa Hills with son, Justin.
Amy Amy – Office Manager She has over 25 years experience in office/administrative management. She is familiar with our ESC Service system and Peacthree Accounting.  Is responsible for Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable. She can also assist in customer service.  She lives with he husband Bob in Anderson Township with her two children, Samantha and Daniel.
Ginny – Service Coordinator Ginny joined our team in 2012 after years of experience in the banking industry. She can assist you on the phone with your service request, service agreement and schedule your service.  Ginny is friendly, efficient and thorough. She lives in Anderson Township with her son Chris.
Greg Greg – Service / SalesHe has been at American for 15 years and has over 20 years experience in our business.  He is not only very proficient as service tech he is knowledgeable on replacement equipment and can assist you in a repair/replacement decision.  He is active at St. Aloysius Parish and lives in Bridgetown with his wife Sue and their 3 children, Melinda, Robert, and John.

Service Technicans

Jim Goodrich Charley Lafferty Keith Geil
18 years of experience
17 years of experience
18 years of experience


Steve Andy Thurston
Lead Installer
25 years of experience
19 years of experience
18 years of experience
1 year of experience
13 years of experience

16 years of experience
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