Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. From self driving autonomous cars, robots in distribution centers to fill orders and Smart Thermostats in homes to learn your comfort and lifestyle. We are now seeing through algorithms in computer codes that will sense and inform the homeowner of any future problems with their HVAC equipment.

Through PeoplePower Inc. a Silicon Valley company that has written this software with an App that senses temperatures of various components. It can tell you that there could be a problem with your HVAC system before you suffer through a night without heating or cooling. It has built sensors in the HVAC equipment that feeds information to the thermostat that alerts  you of a future malfunction. This service can be bought as an App through your local utility provider.

Trane has introduced a partnership with Nexia Diagnostics that gives homeowners a better way to control their home performance data. Once a homeowner opts-in to the service a dealer can access a website that shows real time intelligence about how the customers system is performing. System alerts like routine maintenance and malfunctions are sent to the dealer. This access to system performance data and alerts help prevent unneeded service calls.

All of the HVAC manufactures are working on design in their thermostats that has code that informs both the homeowner and the dealer of information that will detect eventual malfunction of their system. Through temperature and pressure readings it can alert a homeowner and dealer before their system shuts down. Eventually the HVAC dealer will be able to access information from the homeowners thermostat to diagnose from this what the problem is before a service technician arrives at home.

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