Geothermal System DiagramThere has been so much press and advertising about a geothermal heating system over the last five years most people do not know if it is right for them. Many companies will try to sell it to you because it is big dollars and there is money to be made. With 40 years experience in this business I am going to tell you like it is.


1. If you have natural gas either in existing house or build a new house natural gas it is still cheaper to operate. Natural gas prices are close to all time lows and it will probably stay that way because of all the new shale findings all over the United States. We are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. Even in our own backyard in northern Ohio which is on the Utica line they are producing natural gas at a record pace. Stick with the high efficient natural gas furnaces.

2. If you do not have natural gas and have either a heat pump, propane, or oil heat this can be a viable option. The geothermal installation whether retrofit or new construction will cost you the same as the highest efficient air to air heat pump but the gothermal will be more efficient. The extra cost of the geothermal is naturally running the vertical lines underground. You can ballpark this at $2000 a ton or on a (5) ton system it will be $10, 000. This cost can be recouped from the Geothermal Federal Tax credit. This is not an itemized deduction it comes right off the bottom line. This usually will come close or exceed the cost of the drilling and running the lines.

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