Natural Gas CostYou have read in the newspaper and seen on the news of the new technology of horizontal drilling for natural gas call “fracking”.

There has been a flurry of activity in the Marcellus Shale Rock Formation located thru Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia & New York “fracking” for natural gas during the last couple of years.

Because of the abundance of drilling for natural gas with this new technology, there has been an oversupply of both Natural Gas (NG) & Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).  As a result of this the price has been on a downward trend and is at this time $3.44 ccf/Million BTU’s, practically the same price we were paying in the 1960’s when energy was Cheap.

With the low cost of this fossil fuel it is a “no brainer” in choosing the what type of furnace you should use in Heating your home.

In fact, with the mild weather as we are approaching the end of the summer, now is the time to consider having a 95% Natural Gas Furnace installed in your home before HVAC  contractors get busy in the months of October & November.

Call us today for a quote on a 95% High Efficient Furnace and Heat your home this winter with both Comfort and Minimal cost of operation.

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