How to Audit Your Energy Bill

Chances are you’re never all that excited to receive your energy bill, so it stands to reason that you may not spend a whole lot of time poring over it. While it may not be the most interesting document in the world, it’s worth taking the extra few minutes to review your monthly statement. In addition to telling you how much you owe, your energy bill can serve as a tool for tracking your usage and reducing utility expenses.


Although the specific structure of an energy bill differs by company, there are some basic components to monitor:


  • Billing details: Your bill should show the details used to calculate your utility costs, including the meter number, meter reading results for the prior month, meter reading results for the total month, and total usage.


  • Historical vs. current usage: Your bill may include a visual graph or chart showing your historical energy consumption compared to your current usage. This allows you to spot months when your usage spikes and dips. If you notice significant differences, you can make any necessary adjustments, such as updating a water heater or installing a more efficient HVAC system.


  • Home energy assessment: Some utility bills may include an energy audit or home energy assessment. This will show what rooms consume the most energy, and may offer recommendations for cutting utility costs.


  • Recommendations/additional info: Look for an area on your bill where the provider lists energy-saving tips, special programs that are available, and more. They may also use this area to send general messages.


Weather is the primary driver of fluctuations in your energy bill. In the months leading up to winter, Ohio is notorious for having dramatic weather changes from day to day. When auditing your energy bill, take any weather changes into consideration.


When you know what to look for, your energy bill can be a huge help in optimizing your usage and reducing your monthly utility expenses.


Still have questions about how to ensure more efficient energy usage in your home or office? Contact us for a free consultation or to schedule a full energy audit.

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