In today’s high-tech world, it seems like every electronic gadget is “smart.” From phones to cars to watches, nearly every device has the capacity to connect, automate and (ideally) to simplify. The HVAC industry is staying abreast of the tech trend by offering Wi-Fi thermostats, such as The Nest and the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. Once a novelty, these smart heating and cooling consoles are quickly becoming a standard feature in modern homes.

What Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

By connecting to your wireless Internet signal, a Wi-Fi thermostat enables you to monitor and control the temperature of your home or office from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It can be programmed to self-adjust at certain times of day, and you can log in to make manual changes remotely. The more advanced models will learn your daily routine and dynamically adjust the temperature so that your home will always be nice and toasty (or comfortably cool) by the time you arrive. Some models include an advanced feature that tracks your location via GPS and adjusts the climate when you’re close to home.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

  • Set it and forget it: Instead of making manual adjustments, you can program a digital thermostat to your preferred settings from a phone, tablet or computer. If you have trouble remembering to turn the temperature up or down when leaving the house, you may be a good candidate for a wireless system.
  • Easy travel: For those who move to warmer climates in the winter, a Wi-Fi thermostat makes it easy to ensure that the furnace is functioning properly from afar, preventing pipes from freezing and causing expensive water damage while the house is empty.
  • Easy on-the-fly climate changes: When you’re feeling a little too warm or cold in bed or on the couch, no need to get up—simply grab your smartphone and adjust the thermostat to your liking.
  • Built-in alerts: If your furnace malfunctions or needs attention, a Wi-Fi thermostat will send a notification to your device so you can take immediate action.
  • Cost savings: Smart thermostats are designed for maximum efficiency, potentially saving homeowners hundreds of dollars per year. You can also monitor your home’s energy consumption in real time to determine how much you’re spending on heating and cooling, and then adjust the programming to save money.

Installing a Wi-Fi Thermostat

If you have electrical know-how, you may be able to install a digital thermometer yourself. Otherwise, it’s best to enlist a professional to ensure a safe and successful installation. At American Heat, we install and service all wireless systems. We can assess your current HVAC setup and then recommend the digital solution that will meet your needs.  A Wi-Fi thermostat could make for a great gift for the holidays, contact us!

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