Why You Should Keep Your Home Air Filter Clean


Your home’s air filter that corresponds to the heating and cooling system is probably something you don’t think about very often. However, that oversight is a mistake, because as you’ll soon see, an air filter is more important than you may think.


When an Air Filter is Dirty, It Can’t Remove Pollutants Thoroughly


Pet hair, smoke dust and pollen are several of the things that can contaminate the air in your home and trigger allergy symptoms in the people who live there. If your air filter is kept clean, it’ll be more able to remove those things from the air so you and your family members don’t have to breathe them in and deal with possible consequences.


Dirty Filters Make Your Air Conditioner Less Efficient


If your air filter doesn’t trap the aforementioned contaminants, they’ll enter into the evaporator coil in your unit. When that happens, it can make your air appliance less able to function efficiency. Not only could that make your energy bills go up, but also, it could mean you have to deal with unexpected repairs. Those could be stressful as well as costly.


Knowing When to Change Your Filter


Now that you have a couple of very good reasons why it’s not a good idea to neglect changing your air filters, you’re probably curious about knowing when it’s time to make a switch. Generally, during the hottest parts of the year, when your air conditioner is running most frequently, change the air filter every one to two months. Also, if someone in your home smokes cigarettes, or there are pets in your household, change the filter every month.


Getting Guidance from an Expert


There are other specifics related to how to change your home air filter, depending on the brand and type. If you have not replaced it at all, or have not done so recently, consider calling an expert. For example, there are differences depending on if you have central air conditioning or an in-room air conditioner. Also, some filters are meant to be washed and replaced, while others are disposable.


A local HVAC technician is an excellent resource not just for giving advice about your home’s air filters, but also checking to make sure everything else associated with your heating and cooling system is working as it should. Replacing the air filters regularly is one essential part of proper maintenance, but you need to develop a partnership with an HVAC company in your area that you can rely on through any season, too.

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