Now that the hot weather is behind us and we are getting ready for the Heating Season preparing our furnaces and heat pumps for the winter.

We have always recommended that a Programmable Thermostat during the heating system because you can set your thermostat back during the day when you are not home.  We have listed below some of the benefits of having a Programmable Thermostat in your home.


  1. IT SAVES YOU $$$$- By being able to program your thermostat you can set it back when you are not home so it will not run as much during the winter.
  2. YOU HAVE A CONSTANT TEMPERATURE- Based on your program Time & Temperature you can always have the temp exactly the way it is programmed.
  3. LESS TIME ADJUSTING- You do not have to “fiddle” with thermostat during the winter, it will be programmed the desired temperature based on your lifestyle and comfort level.
  4. INCREASE YOUR HOMES EFFICIENCY- Will make your furnace more efficient in winter because it does not run as often.
  5. KEEPS YOUR EQUIPMENT IN TOP CONDITION. It will not be cycling on/off with changing the temperature constantly. The program algorithm controls this operation.
  6. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TIME- Allows you to control the temperature in your home even when you are sleeping.
  7. LOOKS HI-TECH- Looks very modern in your home instead of old round Gold Honeywell Thermostat. It is sleek, digital and state of the art.
  8. WI-FI CAPABILITES- You can control from a remoted location on an I-Pad or I-Phone. In fact you can control multiple locations all on your I-Pad & I-Phone.
  9. BRANDS- We recommend installing a Honeywell #T6 Lyric Thermostat because it is the most affordable and dependable Thermostat on the market.  The Carrier Cor Thermostat is a very good thermostat also.

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