HVAC TechnicianWith the calendar moving toward March and April smart consumers who need air conditioning systems replaced will buy at this time. This is an especially slow time for HVAC contractors. To keep their organization running smoothly and rather than laying employees off they will take jobs at a very good discount. Most people will wait till the first week of June knowing their A/C is on the brink. A service tech will come out and inform the customer there 15 year old unit has a condenser leak and you need a new system. Then you get put on a waiting list because all the business comes at this time. So you suffer for a week or two without any cooling and you pay considerably more.

Most all units today have a ten year warranty on the compressor and a five year warranty on all the parts. Traditionally ten to fifteen years ago compressors had a five year warranty and parts one year. Give yourself piece of mind if your unit is off this age. Besides saving probably about ½ on your electric bill you almost guarantee you will not have to spend more money on air conditioning the rest of the time you live in the house. Typically people move every seven years. Also you will be environmentally conscious because all the new units come with the environmentally sound R-410 or PURON.

Give us a call today and we can have a comfort consultant give you a price. You do not have to install it till May and you will still get the discounted price and have peace of mind not worrying about having no cooling for two weeks in the middle of June.



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