Preparing Your Home for Fall


As the temperatures start to drop and leaves start to blanket the ground, now is the perfect time to get your home ready to withstand the colder temperatures of winter. Keep reading to get some practical tips.


Tend to the Gutters


Make sure your home’s gutters and downspouts are clean so they don’t get clogged up with ice and snow this winter. If you don’t already have leaf guards installed, consider getting them. They could help you avoid a lot of hassles related to falling leaves.


Get Your Furnace Inspected


Even if your furnace was running well last winter, don’t forget to have it fully serviced before the temperatures turn chilly. Regular tune-ups ensure safe operation and they also help your unit run as efficiently as possible, which may save you money on utility bills.


Replace the Furnace Filter


A clean furnace filter is necessary for keeping the air inside your home clean and preventing your family from getting sick. Put in a fresh furnace filter at the start of the season and keep changing it out monthly through the time you depend on the furnace.


Examine the Fireplace


If your home has a fireplace, the chimney might have become a prime nesting place for birds since it was last used. Be sure to check for that possibility, and see that the damper still opens and closes, as it should. If you can’t recall the last time your fireplace was cleaned, it’s a good idea to hire a chimney sweep to clean out the soot and other debris.


Clean Your Air Conditioner


Since you won’t likely be using your air conditioner until the weather gets warm again, give it a thorough cleaning so it’ll be ready to perform well when that time comes. Prevent it from getting damaged in cold weather by wrapping it in special insulation that’s designed for air conditioners.


Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans


Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan blades, so when the fan is turned on, it will help circulate hot air from your furnace down from the ceiling and aid in warming the house.


Schedule an HVAC Appointment

Besides servicing your furnace prior to the fall season, an HVAC technician can look carefully at your home’s heating system and ensure everything is working as it should. By being proactive and making an appointment now, you can keep your family comfortable during the fall and winter, while avoiding unnecessary stress.


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