Many homes are equipped with thermostats that are used to control the interior temperature. However, over the past couple of years, you may have heard about the rise in popularity of smart thermostats. Before you dismiss them as just being gadgets that are driven by hype, read on to learn some of the benefits associated with upgrading your existing thermostat to a more intelligent model.

You Can Change the Home Temperature Remotely

If you’ve ever left for a weekend trip and later realized you left the air conditioner on a very high setting, you know how frustrating it is just thinking about how much energy is being wasted. When a home is equipped with a smart thermostat, there’s usually an associated app or web portal that allows you to adjust the temperature even if you’re nowhere near your residence.

These Thermostats Can Learn Your Behaviors

Many smart thermostats also store data based on the way you use the device over time, and gradually adapt accordingly. For example, if you generally like to have the heat turned down during the middle of the day, a smart thermostat can remember that and switch to a lower setting during those hours, even if you forget to program it in advance.

Get Insights into Your Energy Usage

Smart thermostats are usually able to give detailed breakdowns about the way your household uses energy. That information should help cut down on any unpleasant surprises when your utility bill arrives. Furthermore, the things you learn can help you take a proactive approach to reducing the amount of energy consumed.

The sooner you start understanding which devices or rooms in your home consume the most energy, the easier it is to make small but meaningful changes that allow you to cut down on usage.

Know How Long It Takes to Reach a Desired Temperature

Another great thing about many smart thermostats is they can tell you the approximate amount of time it takes for your home to reach your preferred temperature. Once you know that, you can activate the thermostat far enough in advance when you’re away from your residence, and then come home to an environment that’s exactly as toasty or cool as you prefer.

Be Kinder to the Earth

Conventional thermostats are often made with mercury. In fact, some of them contain the most mercury of all household objects. Mercury is known to be harmful to fish and other types of wildlife when it’s released into the air. Fortunately, smart thermostats do not contain any mercury.

The absence of mercury is one reason why many people consider smart thermostats to be eco-friendlier than standard versions. Also, by using one, you’re theoretically cutting down on the greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with energy consumption.

Now that you have a more thorough understanding of why smart thermostats can be a thoughtful improvement to your home, consider investing in one and enjoying the many long-term advantages.

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