Technologies for the smart home are accelerating at an exponential rate.  These creations include I-Cloud computing, mobile solutions, data analytics, voice activations and artificial intelligence which are leading the way and new products are coming out every day.

By 2020 there will be 30 billion connected devices in the home.  There are currently three (3) trends that will be influencing smart home acceptance and growth.

  1. Simplification- Voice activation allows for a more active consumer but have to work with smart device controls like Echo. This is a device from Amazon with is connected with many appliances and devices in the home. It is a voice activated internet “Smart Speaker” with a built in assistant called Alexa which can control your smart home. Like Amazon advertises it is the “Star Trek” computer for your home. The combination of display and voice will enable the consumer experience to collect data, learn routines and create an autonomous experience that anticipates your needs such as the Nest Thermostat, which learns your comfort level from past experience.
  2. Comfort & Security- increased convenience and improved quality of life is driving sales of smart home products. It is about controlling the thermostat from a remote location and having a refrigerator that orders food items based on what you need.
  3. Energy Management- Smart Homes control intelligent energy management beyond controlling heat in your home.  It will link to your utility provider to use energy at an optimal rate.

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