As we get into the really hot days of the summer, we all want to have our air conditioning system run less but still be comfortable.

When an air conditioning load (Manual J) is figured for your residence to determine the size of your air conditioning system for tonnage (2,3,4,5 tons) one of the biggest factors is the amount of glass in your home and which way it faces (N,E,S,W). Window manufactures label their windows with U-Values. With this calculation it will tell you how much of the suns radiation will effect your air conditioning system. If you have a lot of glass facing west especially with no shades or sun blockage it could upsize your air conditioning system significantly.

One way to help your air conditioning system from running continuously if you have a lot of glass is solar tinting your windows. It can save as much as 30% on your energy usage and block the suns rays from your home. The UV Rays from the sun can create a glare where it is even difficult to watch TV or you could actually get sunburned in your own home from the UV Rays.

This solar tinting is a film installed on windows. This film which is installed on the windows can either have a tint (like a car window) or can be clear which is invisible on the window. This film helps provide increased insulation performance much like upgrading single pane to double pane windows.

This window film especially in All Glass High Rise Condominium Buildings enhances views and maintains exterior appearance. It also extends life of furnishings in residence by preventing fading of furniture and hardwood floors.

So when the heat from the sun is removed your home becomes much more temperature consistent from room to room and reduces the energy consumption of your air conditioning system

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