Summer ThermostatWe are getting into the time of year when condensate drains will back up and will cause flooding in the basement. This can be particularly  harmful if your basement is finished. It can cause your carpet or other type of flooring to get soaked with water. Some people never go in their basement or they are on vacation this time of year. I would check this at least once a week. If you suspect the air conditioner is not draining right give us a call immediately.

Another sign of water problems can occur when the indoor coil will freeze up. Once it thaws out water will poor over furnace. The water condensation can cause taking out all the controls on the furnace which are very costly to replace besides the damage it can do to finish floor in basement. Usually three things will cause this: 1. Low on refrigerant charge 2. Filters are dirty 3. Blower motor is failing not providing enough air over indoor coil.

I would look at the refrigerant lines as they enter the indoor coil. If you see signs of frost there is probably trouble brewing and I would call us ASAP. Also look at the refrigerant lines outside and if you see frost do not hesitate to call us.

When you see frost you should immediately turn the air conditioning system to off turning the outside condenser off and then set the fan switch to on. This will melt all the frost so by the time we arrive for the service call the unit is defrosted.

Do not be afraid to call our office at 471-2115 or 271-COOL if you have any questions.

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