Nest ThermostatThe Nest Thermostat was built by Tony Fadell the guy who invented the ipad. This thermostat is designed so you can control the heating or cooling in your home from an app on your I-phone. You can adjust on your home the temperature of your house. You can be in Florida during winter see that it is going to be real mild for a week or so in Cincinnati and adjust it accordingly .It is truly revolutionary. It is the worlds first learning thermostat. An ordinary thermostat ask you to program it to turn on and off at certain times and temperatures. Most people never do that. Instead they set it at a constant temperature every season. Because a thermostat has always been a “stupid device” it has no idea when you are home or away, and no way of determining whether the temperature you set is really something you aim for, considering the size of your home and previous preference-it obeys your edict until you remember to change it. Chances are you will not remember and you will end up wasting very valuable energy.

The Nest solves this problem through a battery of sensors and algorithms. It can figure out when you are home and when you are not, order and based on your adjustments it can build a model of temperatures that feel comfortable to you. It uses all this information to create a temperature schedule that is personalized to your lifestyle, view one that keeps you comfortable while saving energy. Considering that thermostats control ¾ of your energy bill, the Nest promises to be more than a great product-if thermostats like it took off, it could significantly cut down our nations energy bill.

American Heating and Air Conditioning is a certified Nest installer. We usually have a few in stock. You can either buy it from us or other selected retail outlets and we can install it for you. Call our office for details.

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