Since now is the time to have a reputable company check your air conditioning system what type benefits do you receive and what should you look for.

  1. The first question I would ask the company are your service technicians on commission. If they are they are probably going to check the unit and try to sell you something. Unfortunately there are way too many companies that operate like this today. This is just a gimmick to get into your house and get into your pocketbook.
  2. Having your air conditioner checked and serviced can save you energy and big repair bills down the road. Just as the maintenance of a car is overlooked and hits you with a big repair bill at a later date. Cleaning indoor and outdoor coil, checking condensate drain, checking refrigerant pressures, taking amp reading on motors etc can go along way prolonging the life of the equipment and ensure your system does not go down on a 95 degree day.
  3. I would make sure they are in the affordable range of between $90-110 a visit. Some companies that advertise lower prices are there just to get into the home to find something wrong.
  4. Make sure they are rated A or A plus by the Better business Bureau. If they are rated C-F or not rated caveat emptor or BUYER BEWARE.

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