Hybrid Heating System DiagramIn the heating and cooling industry, the race is on to continually deliver more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solutions for keeping homes at the optimal temperature. One of the latest and most effective developments is the hybrid heating system—a solution that provides more comfortable temperature control with reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint.

How do hybrid heating systems work?

A hybrid heating system uses a dual method for heating homes. This advanced system combines an electric heat pump with a traditional fossil fuel heating method, and automatically switches between the two heating methods at the optimal time for efficiency and cost savings.

The electric heat pump uses ambient heat to provide warmth. Regardless of the outside temperature, there is always some heat in the air. An electric heat pump can extract this heat and pump it into your home. During chillier months such as early spring and late fall, this provided more even, natural warmth than a traditional thermostat heat system—which operates by blasting hot air until the desired temperature is reached, and then shutting down until the next cycle.

Hybrid heating systems automatically switch to using the fossil fuel source when the temperature outside drops to the point where using natural gas, oil, or propane is more economical than ambient heat. This switch point can be adjusted according to the climate you live in, the type of home being heated, and your preferences.

The benefits of hybrid heating systems

There are many advantages for homeowners in making the switch to a hybrid heating system. These benefits include:

  • Ideal for climates with long, cold winters, as heating costs are drastically reduced during months with uneven cold or consistent chilly (but not freezing) temperatures
  • Requires no supplemental heat source during the coldest months
  • Year-round energy cost savings, as the heat pump process can be reversed during warmer or hot weather
  • System options for humidification, dehumidification, and air filtration
  • Fuel source flexibility allows the choice of the most economic fossil fuel source for your area
  • Ability to customize the heating system to the particular needs of your home
  • Substantial cost savings and unparalleled energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly

How much will you save with a hybrid heating system?

Hybrid heating systems allow you to set the balance point, where the system automatically switches operation from electric heat pump to traditional furnace. This balance point can be changed to suit the environmental conditions and utility rates in your area, providing continually optimal heating efficiency. Most hybrid heating systems are also fully programmable, enabling homeowners to set weekly programs that meet their needs.

Individual household savings with a hybrid heating system vary, but in general, a typical household can expect to save hundreds of dollars in heating costs every year—ensuring that the system pays for itself over time.

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